Live for ‘YOU’


“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them-that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like”
                          -Lao Tzu

  The beauty of our life depends on the way we live. I personally feel life is something which we should deal with its own flow. I see people who forget to live the present planning for the future.Yes! calculation and computation for the future is essential but is that all life is about? According to the “Maslow’s Hierarchical Need theory” we have five needs such as Basic needs, Safety and security, love and belongings, Self esteem and Self actualization. Life would get complete only if a person crosses all these five needs. But the percentage of people who attain self actualization is far lesser than the people who attain any other needs. It is clearer that people crave for fame, money and belongings and forget about the inner peace. 

Life – The reality:  

Life is an adventure with unexpected happenings. It’s moreover like watching a cricket match live where we are unaware of the sixes, fours and the duck outs. It’s like an hairpin bend with thrilling twists and turns. It’s like a beautiful blue tide with ups and downs. It’s like a splendid transformation of dusk to dawn. 

Why so serious? 

Accept yourself with all your quirks and embrace your flaws. Prioritize and enjoy the journey not just the destination. Work with ethics and values. You don’t have to be perfect. Love the entire human race. Stay humble. Believe in your own thoughts and be an average rebel. Get motivated by the growth and have a purpose in life. Don’t forget to be grateful even for the smallest thing in life. Hence it’s all about relishing and rejoicing with responsibility. Moreover life is too short to worry for the little things. Then why so serious?

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Nivedita Rajesh
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