Out Of Nowhere


And then out of nowhere, just like that, I saw him and our eyes met.

The glare and depth of those eyes left me enraptured for a while,

I felt something missing from myself,

maybe my heartbeat or a tiny breath,

I felt as though something was shivering down my spine,

in deep crevices where it formed an abode,

I saw him again, again and again for numerous of times,

And he caught me again, again and again for those,

I knew I was never going to be the same,

Like my search was finally over,

Like an afraid soul found its purpose,

Like a bird found some strength to fly,

Like the river finally mingled with the sea,

And that’s when, out of nowhere, just like that,

I started believing in love at first sight.


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Apeksha Apte
A pharmacist by profession and writer by passion, Apeksha hails from a city called Indore. An introvert by nature, she finds joys in solitude and books. Pen and Paper are her panacea. Apart from this she also holds a passion for singing. You can reach her at apeksha@thesuperindian.in