Do You Remember?


Do You Remeber?

Do you remember when you were a kid and you liked to play in a puddle in the rainy day like today? You liked to get dirty and messy. Enjoying that messiness.

Do you remember when you make a paper boat from mom’s favorite book and she scolded you? You smiled to her apologize and she forgave you.

Do you remember when you played with you father and brother?and catch out your father in the first ball.

Do you remember when you failed in the exam?

And do you remember you solved your first maths problem?

Do you remember when you fell off from the bicycle?

Do you remember when you stayed all evening on the terrace after rain, waiting for a rainbow? And you caught cold.

Do you remember when you never took stairs? Always sliding down or if you take one, you jumped on every single step.

Do you remember that random dancing and singing in front of a mirror? And your parents caught you, having an amusing smile.

Do you remember swinging on swinger and thinking you will reach on the moon one day?

Do you remember when you were embarrassed for cutting all your hair and you got upset on your mom?

Do you remember when you forget every single pain, hurt and anger overnight? And forgive your friends the very next day.

Do you remember when you grandfather gave you chocolates secretly?

Do you remember that time when you used to take your bicycle ride exploring your town?

Do you remember those days?

Do you remember ‘the child’ you?



Hey, it’s me. That child inside you. Why you tapped me inside? You forget to cherish me, looking after me. You forget me. Look, how upset you are now!

You don’t enjoy the mess or dirty clothes because someone will make fun.

You don’t enjoy the rain or rainbow, you don’t even look at the sky.

You never solve the problems and you cry on your failure.

You don’t dress up the way you want, not even be yourself.

You don’t jump and sing, not even take another hobby.

But hey, my dear adult me. Take some time to recognize you. Take a hobby to clean your soul. Cherish yourself, be yourself. Solve the problems in your own way. Smile, laugh and enjoy the rain and some mess.

Dear adult me, take me out some day.

For enjoying days

Or just today.